There are two trains of thought here: Either you stick with

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There are two trains of thought here: Either you stick with

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Discover More Our Week 14 fantasy kicker rankings leave no room for error with the fantasy playoffs cheap jerseys paypal starting in most leagues. There are two trains of thought here: Either you stick with your kicker of recent weeks (good or bad), figuring that you’re not tinkering with something that’s already random. Or you can give a shot to a hot kicker or one in a good matchup, in hopes that it pays off.

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“Dravo and a couple other residence halls were not evacuated by Tuesday, and since the power came back Tuesday evening to several buildings, we were never evacuated,” Kolvek said. Students who did not have power on or off campus were provided with the option of going to the shelter in the University Center. At the time, Saucon Village was still without electricity and heat, she said.

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