But they were more focused on having a proof of concept before

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But they were more focused on having a proof of concept before

Harry was born in Barnsley on 25th February 1923, his crib a drawer in a dresser. In Barnsley, he remembered how his mother would send him, aged five, and his sister Marion, aged three, out find scraps of coal. “My sister and I would climb up the slagheaps and dig through to find some tiny scraps to give us a fire that night,” Harry remembered.

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Is the grass any greener on the other side FAANG/Big N or should I just hop to a similar company for more pay and work my way up the totem pole there with my, quoting management here with my eyes rolled, “natural gift for software”?i think if you in a support position then it normal to hear questions that you may think are dumb when you an expert in the space. Some hermes replica of those engineers are probably coming from different tech stacks or backgrounds and are getting adjusted. Since you talk to a lot of people, you probably don spend a lot of time with particular individuals and have a skewed or opaque view of their progression..

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